Midea 9Kg Top Load Fully Auto Washer MFW-950MV2

MYR999.00 MYR880.00

  • Capacity: 9.0kg
  • Water Magic Cube + One Touch Wash
  • Pre-set Timer
  • Auto Balance
  • Tempered Glass Window
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • Metal Body
  • 3D Tornado Pulsator
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  • Water Magic CubeDeep, Stretch-Free Cleaning
    thanks to separating waterflow and now with 52% less tangling.
  • One Touch WashMinimal Water & Energy Waste
    thanks to the auto calculation and save up to 37% water.
  • Soft Touch DrumCatch Free Wash
    thanks to the ergonomic surface design of the washing drum.

    Aqua Inner Drum

    The unique designed drip shape allows clothes contact closely with inner drum’s wall to enhance the friction between clothes and drum’s wall, results a higher wash ratio.


    Solved problem

    Small dehydration holes prevent clothes being sucking in therefore reducing abrasion.
    Solved problem: big and sharp dehydration holes suck clothes in and deformed clothes

    3D Tornado Pulsator

    The unique impeller produces reciprocating flow, to accelerate clothing flip and wash evenly. Meanwhile, impeller has a lot of dense small holes to improve the dehydration rate, makes laundry becomes easy.


    Water prevention lid

    Possess opposite water jet spray which could form 360 degree spray and help to fully dissolve detergent, fully stir and toss clothes, especially work well on big clothing.

    3D Waterfall Washer

    The pulsator rotation speed generates strong and weak water flow, unique rotating water flow system combines both water flows to give an effective cleaning.


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