Panasonic 196L Twin Door Top Freezer Fridge NR-BN211GR

MYR1,420.00 MYR1,250.00

  • Total Gross Capacity 196.0L
  • Refrigerator Compartment (PC) 131.0L
  • Freezer Compatment (FC) 65.0L
  • Total Storage Capacity 182.0L
  • Refrigerator Compartment (PC) 128.0L
  • Feezer Compartment (FC) 54.0L
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Energy Consumption 460 kWh/y (est)
  • Energy Level 3 Stars (est)
  • 2 Doors
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Design luxury glass

199 liters Refrigerator Panasonic NR-BN211GRVN  the form  refrigerator  launched by Panasonic in 2016, refrigerators featuring flat appearance of modern design with luxurious glass. Capacity 199 liters suitable for families from 4 to 5 members.

199 liters Refrigerator Panasonic NR-BN211GRVN Figure 1

199 liters Refrigerator Panasonic NR-BN211GRVN Figure 4

Save electricity

Thanks to the perfect combination between the compressor Eco same processor integrated in the cabinet, Panasonic NR-effective BN211GRVN brings unsurpassed power saving.

Average daily refrigerator consumes only about 1.2 kilowatts, and was very impressed with the capacity of 200 liters of it.

Superior antibacterial deodorant

Systems Ag silver crystal deodorant Clean out the refrigerator is equipped with Panasonic NR-BN211GRVN capable of disabling the operation of bacteria and mold in the cabinet up to 99%. In addition, the enzyme also works effectively prevent unpleasant odors of food.

Superior antibacterial deodorant

Keep food chilled compartment always fresh

Prevent frozen food stored at about 0 ° C, the temperature just before being frozen foods. Therefore it is suitable for storing food such as meat, fish or other foods that require cooking early, or like cheese, yogurt.

199 liters Refrigerator Panasonic NR-BN211GRVN Figure 6

Custom glass tray bearing height strong, scratch-resistant and easy to clean

199 liters Refrigerator Panasonic NR-BN211GRVN Figure 5

Prevent moisture vegetables

In addition, the cabinet is equipped with a vegetable compartment helps keep moisture. Your vegetables when stored inside will always fresh and long droopy.

Prevent moisture vegetables

199 liters Refrigerator Panasonic NR-BN211GRVN Figure 8 199 liters Refrigerator Panasonic NR-BN211GRVN Figure 12

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