Panasonic 322L Econavi Inveter Twin Door Fridge NR-BV328XS

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  • Glass Tray
  • Control Panel Outside of PC Door
  • Compressor Inventer
  • Door Alarm
  • Ag Clean
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Premium Flat Design with Stylish Control Panel


The simple, unitary door have no frames, bumps, or depressions to get in the way of the, aesthetically pleasing design. Also stylish electrostatic touch control panel adds a beautiful accent.





Experience More Freshness than Ever


While the typical refrigerator freezes food to approx. -18°C to -20 °C, Prime Fresh freezing freezes it to approx. -3°C. Since food is very lightly frozen, it never gets hard. Items frozen in this way, even if they are raw, stay at their best, retaining nutrients as well as flavor and texture.There is no need to defrost partially frozen food before preparing it because it remains easy to cut and cook immediately.





3-Layer Freezer Compartment for Neat Storage


The 2-level shelves and case at the bottom enable neat, separate storage of small, raw and other items. And you can use the supplied icebox for hygienic storage of ice.





ECONAVI Gets Results by Adjusting to Your Lifestyle


The ECONAVI refrigerator monitors the level of lighting and temperature in the room, when and how often the fridge doors are opened, and the fridge’s internal temperature. It analyzes and responds to this information to maintain ideal cooling and avoid wasting energy.


ON – Decrease Power when lights are switched off.

OFF – Increase Power when door is frequently opened/closed.





Advanced Japanese technologies that truly make life better


In the pursuit of innovation and convenience, we continue to uphold quality completely. The origins of our product development can be found in this commitment, and it is part of Japan’s manufacturing DNA that has been passed down in an unbroken line for generations. Based on the stringent quality standards that have been cultivated in Japan, we are now delivering Panasonic products that have been developed and manufactured at our global locations.

358L 2 Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - Econavi Inverter NR-BV368XS

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