Panasonic 333L Econavi Inverter Twin Door Inverter Fridge NR-BL347PS

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  • 333L
  • ECONAVI Technology
  • Tanto Tray
  • Jumbo Freezer
  • Door Control Panel
  • Ag Clean
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The ECONAVI refrigerator monitors temperature in the room and the fridge’s internal temperature. It analyses and responds to this information to maintain ideal cooling and avoid wasting energy.

Bigger Freezer for More Items
The wide interior enables storage of a large quantity of ice and frozen items in large packages as they are. There’s plenty of storage space so you can prepare dishes in advance and freeze them for later, a real convenience when you’re too busy to cook all the time.

Movable & Removable Icebox
The Icebox can be freely moved around depending on the placement of stored food for greater ease of use.

Foldable 1-2 Glass Tray
The tray may be adjusted to fit food and beverage sizes, fine-tuning storage capacity for the occasion. Adjustable tray depth allows space to be used efficiently and without waste.

Tanto Tray
The layout is designed so that specific foods can be pulled out quickly. It is also ideal for storing bottles and fruit that tend to roll around while preventing them from rolling around and falling out.

Adjustable Glass Trays
Trays can be lowered or raised for more efficient storage and convenience.

Maintenance-free LED Lighting
Long-life LED lighting requires little or no maintenance. With foods brightly lit for clear visibility, everything is easy to pull out and tough to forget using.

100kg Tempered Glass Tray
Strong and clean tempered glass trays that can withstand loads as heavy as 100kg.

Fresh Safe Vegetable Case
High humidity allows extended fresh and hygienic storage of vegetables, preventing leaves from shrivelling and veggies from drying out.

Anti-Bacterial and Deodorizing
Chilled air circulates via the Ag Clean Filter throughout the refrigerator, curbing bacterial growth and deodorizing. The inside remains spick-and-span, keeping raw smells such as fish from transferring to other foods.

Fresh Meat Box with a Lid
Featuring a cover, this is ideal for storing delicate foods and items with strong odors that you don’t want to mx with other foodstuffs.

Twist Ice Tray / Covered Ice Tray
Just twist the tray to drop ice cubes into the box. It’s that easy. A covered ice box keeps ice cubes away from odors.

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