Panasonic 551L 3 Door Econavi Inverter Fridge NR-CY557GW

MYR4,379.00 MYR3,500.00

  • 547 Litres
  • Vitaminsafe
  • Fresh Safe
  • Ag Clean
  • Color: Glass White
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Refined and Sophisticated Glass Design

Refined and Sophisticated Glass Design

Enjoy the latest in refrigerator design.

French door elegance and the beautiful transparency of glass with a colored backing compliment your high-end lifestyle.With gracefully curved handles, and simple, unitary glass panels with no frames, bumps, or depressions to get in the way of the aesthetically pleasing design.









Stylish, Functional French Doors

Stylish, Functional French Doors

As well as making your kitchen look modern and attractive, the stylish French doors are designed for user comfort. The doors take up little room when opened, which is ideal where space is limited. And they help prevent cold air escaping so they also contribute to energy saving.




Top Fridge Design:

Center Vegetable Case

Top Fridge Design:
Center Vegetable Case

The often-used fridge compartment is on top, and the vegetable case is in the center, so you don’t have to bend down every time you put in or take out items.










Electrostatic Touch Control Panel

Electrostatic Touch Control Panel

A light touch of the full-flat touch panel gives you control over settings. And you can change settings with the doors closed for extra convenience.










Easy to See, Easy Access Drawer-type Bottom Freezer


The drawer-type freezer offers smooth, easy access. And because it’s low, it’s easy to put in and take out even large, heavy items. Also, looking down on items makes it easier than ever to find just what you want. So even when a lot of items are stored, you won’t easily forget to use food you’ve bought or buy something you already have.









Less Mixing of Odors with Separate Cases


As well as enabling neat, divided storage, the separate cases make it harder for odors to spread for more hygienic storage.











Flashing LEDs Protect Vitamins


Flashing green and blue LEDs in the Vitamin safe

Vegetable case activate the natural defenses of fruits and vegetables so their vitamin content actually increases.







Meat and Fish Kept Fresh:


Chilled Case

Maintaining a temperature of 0˚C*, this case preserves freshness by chilling foods without freezing them.

It’s suitable for meat, fish and other foods that need to be cooked soon, or for dairy products like yogurt.