Panasonic 8Kg Heat Pump Dryer NH-P80G2

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  • Inverter Heat-Pump Tumble Dryer
  • Energy efficiency
  • 3D Air Circulation
  • Wide Adjustable Drying Temperature
  • Gentle Treatment with Sazanami Drum


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Outstanding Energy Efficiency


Boasting cutting-edge inverter and heat pump technologies, the NH-P80G2 achieves top class energy efficiency and provides excellent drying results. 60% more energy-efficient compared to the limit of energy efficiency class A (0.55kWh/kg), measured according to standard EN61121.


Key Technologies for high energy Efficiency


Laundry Drying Air Circuit- Hot, dry air enters the drum and absorbs moisture from the laundry. The hot, moist air then passes through several filters and into the condenser, which cools the air then passes into the evaporator where it’s reheated before entering the drum again.


Heat Pump Technology


Based on the same principle as heating with an air conditioner, a heat pump dryer generates more heat and uses less energy, making it more efficient than conventional dryers. Low-temperature Drying provides gentle drying with less shrinkage and soft drying results. You can even dry delicate fabrics and items such as wool, nylon, lingerie and sportswear.


3D Air Circulation


The design of the drum assures a large 4.0m³/min air flow that prevents loss of pressure. 3D air circulation dries the laundry in the drum in 3 dimensions for uniform and efficient drying performance.


Wide Adjustable Drying Temperature


Inverter technology enables adjustment of the drying temperature. This delivers maximum results and user convenience. Gentle dry lets you dry at approx 45°C. This isn’t possible with conventional dryers. This means you can dry delicate fabrics such as wool and nylon and lingerie, outdoor items and sportswear without worrying about damage or shrinkage.


Speed mode


Drying at a high temperature lets you save time. Inverter control raises compressor power to the maximum level to increase the temperature to approx 65°C. It takes you only 122 minutes to dry 8kg of clothes.


Gentle Treatment with Sazanami Drum


To guarantee gentle treatment and uniform drying results, the larfe Sazanami soft drum features a unique surface pattern and large baffles which further protect clothes and reduce creasing during drying, so there’s less need for ironing.