Panasonic Nanoe Air Hub Smart Air Purifier F-VK655H

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  • 430 sq ft Area Covered
  • 6 effective air purifying
  • ECONAVI Humidifying Nanoe™
  • 2.3 L Humidification Tank
  • PM2.5 Pollution Indicator
  • Digital Humidity Indicator
  • 99.9% Antivirus & Antibacterial
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ECONAVI Humidifying Nanoe™ Stylish Air Purifier – ( Nano technology + Electric = Nanoe™ )

The advanced technologies of Panasonic air purifiers. It features 6 effective air purifying system, nanoe™ purification, Econavi, Humidifying function, PM 2.5 Indicator and Coverage area of 40m² (430 ft²).

Powerful Air Clean
• Applicable area: 40 m² (430 ft²)

Healthy & Comfortable
• 2.3 L Humidification Tank
• Long Life Filter
• 3D circulation airflow
• 6 effective air purifying
• Filter Replace Indicator
• Digital Humidity Indicator
• PM2.5 Pollution Indicator

Nanoe™ Clean & Fresh Air
• Microscopic Scale
• Long Life & Water-originated
• 99.9% Antivirus & Antibacterial
• Deodorisation
• Skin Hydration

For room size up to 430 sq ft.
Powerful clean air delivery rate suitable for room size up to 430 sq ft.

6 effective air purifying
Nanoe™ purification, Pre-­Filter, HEPA Composite Filter, Deodorising Filter, Formaldehyde Filter and Humidifying Filter.

Energy savings, Eco operation mode that runs only as it is necessary.

2.3 L Humidification Tank 
During humidification, humidity sensor will show the humidity level of the room and control the operation accordingly. It can help restore the moisture back to the skin.

PM2.5 Pollution Indicator
The sensor will detect indoor levels of dust and odour on a regular basis, thus effectively monitoring indoor air quality.

Digital Humidity Indicator
The numerical displays tells you the exact humidity level of your surroundings.

A nanoe™ is a fine (5 to 20nm) and weak acidic water particle with a reactive substance and an electric charge.

Specifications of Panasonic Stylish Air Purifier F-VK655A

Technical specifications
•Applicable area: 40 m² (430 ft²)
•Power Consumption: 57 W
•Air Volume: 5.5 m³/min

General specifications
•Motor Type: DC
•Sensor: Dirt / Odour/ Humidity / Human Activity / Light
•Humidifying Tank Capacity: 2.3 L
•Pre-­Filter: F­-ZXKA55Z
•HEPA Composite Filter: F-ZXKP55Z (Life Time 5 years)
•Deodorising Filter: F-ZXKD55Z (Life Time 5 years)
•Humidifying Filter: F-ZXHE50Z (Life Time 5 years)
•Formaldehyde Filter: F­-ZXKF55Z

Weight & Dimensions
•Net Weight: 11.90 kg
•Product Dimension (W x D x H): 39.00 x 38.50 x 77.20 (cm)

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