Samsung 570L Water Dispenser Side by Side Fridge RH57J90407F/ME


  • Moist fresh zone
  • Easy slide
  • Big guard
  • Adjustable storage
  • Simply more space

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The food you love at your fingertips


The ShowCase is a ‘fridge within a fridge’ for quick and easy access to all of your family’s favorite and frequently used foods. It has 6 generous cases for specific foods 3 zones for different family members.


Keep perfectly fresh


The Inner Case keeps your groceries perfectly fresh. Located deeper within the fridge, it’s is the perfect place to store and preserve larger and less perishable items, such as vegetables, fruits and meats.


Timeless chic design


Its premium style, with a solid metal finish and ice blue display, brings refined elegance to any modern kitchen. Its counter-depth design fits harmoniously and doesn’t stick out or need special installation.


Easily install anywhere 


Has a 4.5L water tank for its Ice & Water dispenser, so it can be installed anywhere without plumbing. Add mineral or fresh water to enjoy chilled drinks or ice, without worrying about its quality or filters.


Cools every corner


The All-around Cooling system cools the fridge evenly from corner to corner. Cold air is blown out through multiple outlets at every shelf level, so it maintains a constant temperature and food stays fresher.


Capturing cold air


The Metal Cooling guard on the inside of the front door retains the cold from the air and maintains the optimal temperature within the fridge, so food stays fresh, even if you frequently open the ShowCase door.


Adjustable Storage


The Slide & Fold Shelf adds extra flexibility to your storage. It can be easily removed, folded up or raised and lowered to fit in any sized items, including large and bulky containers, so there’s no wasted space.


More Space, More Ice


Ice Master is built into the door, so it frees up valuable freezer space. Therefore it can store enough ice, and its transparent compartment shows exactly how much ice you have.