Sharp 24000Btu Wall Type Aircond AHA24SED



  • Powerful Jet – Powerful, strong airflow blowing vigorously downwards.
  • Comfort mode offers three distinctive advantages over conventional air conditioner for the ultimate cooling comfort.
  • Gentle cool air system provies cold air traveling up the ceiling during cooling operation in order to abvoid direct airflow.
  • Low wattage type, highly efficient evaporators and condensers enable these models to operate with greater energy efficiency.
  • Auto sleep is when the off timer is set, the temperature setting is automatically adjusted to prevent the room from becoming excessively hot or cold while you sleep.


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Energy-Saving design dramatically reduces the electric bill
Comfort mode keeps you cool and comfortable

Powerful Jet

Powerful airflow directed straight at the body.
Delivers a powerful blast of cool air. When you stand in front of the air conditioner, you can feel the cool breeze with your entire body. For times when you want to cool down quickly, this offers relief from hot, humid weather, or after exercise or other exertion.

The new model reaches the set temperature approx. 30% faster than conventional models, as shown in the graph above. Powerful Jet cools the room quickly, so you don’t have to wait to relax.

All- aluminum heat exchanger supports durability for long, reliable use.