Sharp Air Purifier FP-F40LW


  • Coverage area 30m²
  • Haze mode
  • Removal of adhered mold in addition to suspend mold
  • Speedy deodorizing of adhering odor
  • Strong performance of removal of viruses
  • Removal of allergens from dust mite faces and dead dust mites
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High Density Plasmacluster Ions

  • High Density Plasmacluster Ion Technology powerfully and quickly removes airborne particles than the current models

The Odor sensor

  • The sensor continuously monitors the air

The Clean sign indicator

  • The indicator shows the level of impurities in the air so it’s easy to see the progress as it returns cleaner air into the room

The fan speed is automatically switched

  • The fan speed is automatically switched (HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW) depending on the amount of impurities in the air

Easy, User-friendly Operation

  • Simple designed control panel (only 4 buttons) enables the user-friendly operation.