Sharp Ion Generator For Car-Gold/Pink/Black IGGC2LN/LP/LB


  • Coverage area 3.6m2
  • High Density Plasmacluster 25000
  • Strong performance of removal of virueses
  • Removal of allergens from dust mite faces and dead dust mites
  • Speedy deodorizing of adhering odor
  • For Car use / Office Table
  • Portable powered by USB (laptop, phone charger)
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Turbo Airflow Mode for Fast Deodorization

If odors in your car are aparticularly a concern, use theTurbo airflow mode to releasePlasmaclustter ions at abouttwice the speed of standardairflow mode.

*1 Comparison of times required todeodorize clinging smoke odor to anunnoticeable level: Standard airflowmode takes approx. 60 min. and Turboairflow mode approx. 44 min.

Skin-Beautifying Spot in a Car

High-density Plasmacluster ions provide skin-beautifying effects for bothdriver and passengers in a car while driving.

Elegant Metal Appearance with Illuminating Indicators

Along with the metal body, the IG-DC2 is equipped with ion indicators thatlight blue at the air outlet and operation indicators designed in the motif of acar speedometer, providing a high-quality and stylish design.


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