Toshiba 550L Tempered Glass Door Inverter Twin Door Fridge-(Glass Black) GR-HG55MDZ(XK)

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  • Dual Cooling Zone
  • Big Vegetable Compartment
  • Crisper Moisture Control
  • LED Hybrid Deodorizer
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Toshiba’s new H-series refrigerator collection exudes class and elegance with its seamless design. Getting the right refrigerator will not only enhance the beauty of your home, but also add so much more convenience to your daily living, while maximizing your family time.


Dual Cooling Zone
Beverages cool faster and can be stored in a larger space. Also suitable for storing raw items like fish and meat.

Big Vegetable Compartment
A large capacity of 53 litres enables ample space for fruits and vegetables to be stored, for the whole family.

Crisper Moisture Control
Direct and quick cooling keeps fruits fresh and crisp. Cool air surrounds the crisper in order to maintain the moisture level at more than 90%. As a result, vegetables remain fresher.

LED Hybrid Deodorizer
The new LED HYBRID effectively eliminate bacteria in the refrigerator with the use of LED light on the 2 photocatalyst. At the same time unpleasant odor molecules are disintegrated, keeping the air in the refrigerator clean and fresh. Your food also last longer and fresher as ethylene gas which is produced naturally by some fruits and vegetables are decomposed with the presence of LED HYBRID. Ethylene is a gas that accelerates softening, discolouration and deterioration of food.

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