Morgan 130x150mm Double Gas Cooker MGS-5515


  • 130mm x 150mm iron burner head
  • 100% SS Body
  • High Efficiency burner head for powerful flame
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Stainless Steel Body For Heavy Use

Cooking can be a lot of hard and heavy work. The Morgan Gas Stove MGS 5515 is made from high-quality stainless steel body that provides impact resistance. With its 2 triple ring burners, cooking process just get easier. You can now cook two dishes at the same time. The burners consist of enamel steel trivets for stable and sturdy pot/pan position. Simply amazing!
Easy To Clean

After all the cooking, stoves will be covered with grease, water, gravy, or even some dish leftovers. That is why the burner parts of Morgan Gas Stove MGS 5515 are detachable specially for cleaning purpose. Just remove the trivets, wash them with warm water and leave them to dry. How convenient!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Morgan Gas Stove MGS 5515 today and start cooking!

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