Panasonic 23L 800W Grill Microwave Oven NN-GT35HM

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Like a Chef  ,Quick and easy 

  • 23 L Grill Microwave oven
  • 800 W Cooking Power
  • Dual cooking
  • 12 Auto Menus
  • Quick 30 function
  • Add Time
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Dual Cooking

The microwave power cooks food quickly, while the grill provides ordinary browning and crispiness.

Dual Cooking

12 Auto Cooking Menus


Auto Cooking technology lets you cook foods by simply setting the weight.

• Reheat Meal • Reheat Bread • Reheat Soup • Congee/Porridge • Instant Noodle • Double Boil
• Vegetables • Casserole Rice • Fish • Roast Chicken • Chicken Piece • Roast Beef/Lamb

Quick 30 Function

This function enables you to set cooking time for 30 seconds quickly and simply without selecting any additional settings. Each press of the button sets it for 30 seconds, and setting up to 5 minutes is possible.

Quick 30 Function

Add Time

The function enable you to add extra heating  by pressing this button when you want to heat something up a bit more after cooking or heating it . And you can you can set the heating time to produce exactly th kind of results you want


MODEL & SIZE Model Number NN-GT35H
Type Grill Combination Oven
Oven Capacity 23 L
Cooking Power 800 W
Turntable Diameter 288 mm
DESIGN Color Black & Silver
Display Panel 4 digit LCD
STYLE Door Front Black
Door Window Black masking
Door Release Handle
Oven Interior Acrylic Grey
Quick Minute Yes