Panasonic Shaver ES-6016


  • Independently Floating Triple-Heads
  • 30°C Inner Blades
  • 10000cpm Motor
  • Double-Sit Center Blade
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Cord/Cordless Operation
  • Universal Voltage
  • Pouch
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Powerful motor

At the core of the ES-6016 lies Panasonic’s patented linear motor drive which offers a fast motor speed from start to finish which keeps the oscillation running at a constant of 10,000rpm for an effortless, smooth and powerful shave. Although it’s not as fast as any other shaver’s with 13,000 rpm motor, however, it can still give you satisfactory shaving experience for a clean shave look.


Magnificent blades

The ES-6016 features floating triple blade pivoting head. Combined together with the 30 degree inner blades, this shaver will reduce the cutting resistance by approximately half, for a fast and close shave while still remain gentle to the skin.


Easy to use

The ES-6016 needs to be charged for 1 hour duration before you can utilize it to the max. Plus with the cordless feature that it has, you can simply shave in front of any mirror that you have in your house, as long as the shaver has been charged first beforehand!