Panasonic Card Shaver-(Blue,AAA Battery)

Product SKU: ES-RC20-A401
Brand: Panasonic

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Slim card sized shaver from Panasonic is designed especially for men who are always on the move. These handy sized grooming tools are designed for convenience as they are lightweight and easy to use. The shaver is also suitable for sensitive skin.

It helps in reducing the friction to improve smooth beard shaving by following the face contour. It will provide you with a thorough and comfortable shave without irritation to the skin. They are designed to capture even small lengths of hair on wet and dry surfaces.

Key Features

Easy to Carry

This handy shaver comes with a travel pouch to facilitate portability and storage while you are travelling. It can be carried in your pockets or in a backpack as it consumes minimal space.

Anti-Slip Metal Body

The outer metal body protects this shaver from accidental bumps and falls. It also looks elegant with a tinge of metal luster. The sleek body of the shaver offers an anti-slip grip that gives you a better shaving experience.

Stainless Steel Blades

The blade incorporated in this shaver is made of stainless steel. It is known to retain its edge sharpness over a long time even with regular usage. Hence, you get the same quality shave at every use.

Single Floating Head

Experience a stunning shaving experience with the single-blade attachment. This shaver captures and cuts even small hair lengths from the surface to give a precise shave in no time.


The business-card size shaver is operated with two AAA batteries. Thus, giving you cordless convenience for grooming while you are on the move.

Easy to Maintain

It is effortless to clean the shaver. The blade is fully washable. It can be cleansed with running water to keep it hygienic and ready for daily use.

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