Panasonic Nanoe-X Series – 60″ 5 Blade Remote Ceiling Fan (DC Motor)

  • Width: Ø1500mm (60”)\nHeight: Short pipe: 314mm\nLong pipe: 392mm
  • Air Velocity: 210 (m/min)
  • Air Delivery: 245 (m³/min)
Product SKU: F-M15MEVBK
Brand: Panasonic

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Leading Innovation in Comfort

• nanoe™ X Technology
• ECONAVI Feature
• DC Motor Technology
• Yuragi (Natural Breeze Function)
• Enhanced Safety Features
• Greater Air Delivery
• Durable Blades (PPG Material)
• LCD Remote Control with 9-sequential speed selection
• 1-8 Hour Off Timer
• 1-8 Hour On Timer
• 2-8 Hour Sleep Timer

What is nanoe™ X

A nanoe™ X is a fine (5 to 20nm) and weak acidic water particle with a reactive substance and an electric charge, which effectively inhibits viruses, bacteria, odors and allergens.

How Does nanoe™ X work?

nanoe™ X captures the virus, OH radical takes away hydrogen (H) from virus, then the radical turns into water to inhibit the virus.

7 effects of nanoe™ X

nanoe™ X effectively inhibits viruses, bacteria, odors and allergens.

A nanoe™ X device generates at a high rate of 4.8 trillion per second.

More Compact DC Motor Unit
Built-in PCB to create a mono form outlookHigher Motor Power Output
For higher air volume and wider air flowAdvantages of a DC motor:
1. Uses less energy – compared AC motor
2. Quiet operation
3. More compact and lighter motor

Intelligent Motor Drive System (IMDS)

Motor Faulty Detection – Able to detect motor abnormality such as motor stop or running slow and stops the fan from rotating to prevent unsafe condition.

Blade Faulty Detection* – An additional protection against blade drop. It will stop the fan from rotating to prevent unsafe condition if an abnormal fan rotation is detected.

New Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Compact Size Circuit
A 3-in-1 and smaller size components driven by high voltage.

Constant Wattage Control
Maintain constant wattage control. Stable delivery of large air volume & wide airflow even when there is fluctuation in voltage.

Memory Function
Memorizes last setting even when wall switch is switched off.

Fan and light will operate at previous fan speed or light setting when the ceiling fan is turned on the next time.

ECONAVI, Temperature Sensor

1) ECONAVI Integrated Circuit
This intelligent microprocessor analyzes information from the sensor and adjusts the fan speed to optimum conditions.
2) Temperature Sensor
Detects surrounding temperature.

ECONAVI – How It works?

ECONAVI features Intelligent surrounding temperature detection that senses every 3 minutes.

Self Adjusts
ECONAVI feature will adjust speed automatically to give the most comfortable air to human body according to the surrounding temperature and room conditions.

ECONAVI with smart eco sensor now has the abilities to detect and reduce energy waste. You can now enjoy more saving of up to 64%*.

Benefits of ECONAVI

If Celling Fan with Econavi operation is used
Almost the same sensible temperature is maintained by changing of wind velocity according to variations in temperature.

If Air Conditioner and Ceiling Fan with Econavi operation are used
• Maintain amenity before the air conditioning reaches the preset temperature.
• Even air conditioning pauses when the desired temperature is reached, cool feeling is retained.
• Energy saving is realized as power consumption is reduced while optimum performances of both fan and air conditioner are achieved.

1/f Yuragi (Natural Breeze Function)

These fans are equipped with 1/f Yuragi function which is a fluctuating pattern to generate a gentle breeze.

By this sophisticated formula, in varying air velocity and controlling wind force, these new ceiling fans give you a peaceful and comfortable feeling.


Width: Ø1500mm (60”)\nHeight: Short pipe: 314mm\nLong pipe: 392mm

Air Velocity: 210 (m/min)

Air Delivery: 245 (m³/min)


Motor Type DC Motor (New Generation)
1/f Yuragi Yes
Remote Control Yes
Blade Type PPG Materials
Color Black
Dimension Width (mm) Ø1500 mm (60”)
Height: Short pipe: 314mm
Long pipe: 392mm
Power Consumption Low (W) 4
High (W) 43
Fan Speed Low (RPM) 80
High (RPM) 235
Air Velocity (m/min) 210
Air Delivery (m³/min) 245


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