Panasonic 10kg/6kg Heat Pump Econavi Inverter Front load Washer Dryer

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Brand: Panasonic

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Amazingly Fast 34-min Wash*

The ActiveFoam System enables super fast washing while keeping optimum wash performance. It reduces washing time and helps you to enjoy your own time during a busy life.

* With a 10kg load, Cold Cotton Course.

Highly Concentrated Foam Maximizes Washing Performance

Panasonic’s ActiveFoam System vigorously sprays ultrafine foam onto clothes from the top of the drum before washing starts. The foam surrounds dirt and thoroughly removes it for powerful washing. Since the detergent attaches to clothing as a foam, it rinses out easily and doesn’t leave any residue.

Clean, Fluffy Finish Every Time

Dries with a powerful, low-temperature airflow that’s gentle to fabrics and energy and water saving.

Powerful, Yet Gentle Drying

NEW ECO DRYING SYSTEM dries clothes with a powerful, large-capacity, low-temperature airflow. As well as preventing damage to clothes, because there’s no need for coolant during drying, the system helps save energy and water.

7 Jet Showers

Foam Quickly Penetrate Fabrics

Jet showers blast from multiple directions and help foam rapidly penetrate deep into all parts of clothes to powerfully remove stains.

Dancing Wash System
3 Distinct Motions Help Eliminate Dirt More Effectively.

Keeps Laundry Moving Right for Effective Washing

The 3D Sensor constantly detects how clothes move and automatically controls drum rotation to provide a strong beat wash effect.

SOAK + 40C WASH Course Washes Away Stubborn Stains/Dirt

This removes even stubborn yellowing by maintaining a water temperature of 40C for 6 hours to break down dirt on clothes being soaked.


Daily washing for cotton, linen and cotton blends.


Saves more energy and water than the “Cotton program”.


Clothes are soaked using warmed liquid detergent for easier removal of sebum and yellowing.

Hand Wash

Gentle washing for synthetic, satin, lace, lingerie and washable silk fabric preventing damage.


For washing large items such as bed sheets and curtains made of cotton and easy care fabrics.


Ideal for stubborn stains.With this course, items are prewashed with highly concentrated liquid detergent and then washed again.

Tub Clean

Detergent residue and dirt on the tub are cleanly washed away by water with every wash.

Wash and Dry

You can set the machine to wash and dry a load with the push of a button.

Saves Energy Automatically

Three intelligent ECONAVI sensors detect conditions of your laundry to automatically choose the optimum operation for more energy saving, water saving and time saving.

Beautiful, Minimal Design

For the first time ever, a simple, beautiful washer dryer featuring a stylish new full-flat cuboid design with sleek horizontal and vertical lines ready to complement any space. 

Stylish, User-Friendly Design

Daily washing is now more comfortable than ever.

Provides Guidance for Proper Operation

Detergent Amount Recommendation
Washing machine guides you to the best amount of detergent for each load.

Drying Overload Alert
If your laundry load is over the capacity for drying, Overload Alert Guidance lets you know before the wash cycle starts. Beautiful, Minimal Design For the first time ever, a simple, beautiful washer dryer featuring a stylish new full-flat cuboid design with sleek horizontal and vertical lines ready to complement any space.

Advanced Japanese technologies that truly make life better

In the pursuit of innovation and convenience, we continue to uphold quality completely. The origins of our product development can be found in this commitment, and it is part of Japan’s manufacturing DNA that has been passed down in an unbroken line for generations. Based on the stringent quality standards that have been cultivated in Japan, we are now delivering Panasonic products that have been developed and manufactured at our global locations.

 Cleans the Tub Automatically Every Wash Cycle

Every time you do your laundry, any residual detergent is automatically washed away from the inside and outside of the tub to keep it clean and prevent mold growing.


BASIC SPECIFICATION Capacity (Wash / Dry) 10 kg / 6 kg
Spin speed (rpm) 1,000 rpm
Dimension (W x D x H) 600 x 665 x 998 mm
Weight 73 kg
Voltage / Frequency 220 – 240 V / 50 Hz
Door opening angle 105 degrees
Drum opening size 420 mm
Control panel type LED Touch Panel Display
Body Colour White
FEATURES ActiveFoam System yes
Jet Shower (Hydro Active) yes (7 shower)
Dancing wash system yes
3D sensor wash yes
Steam action no
Drying system NEW ECO Drying SYSTEM
ECONAVI • Laundry load sensor
ECONAVI • Water temperature sensor
ECONAVI • Laundry material sensor
Inverter yes
Tub clean • Auto Tub Clean
Tub clean • Mold prevention drum
Tub clean • 30 ⁰c Tub Clean
Laundry Add Option yes
Auto-Power off yes
Guidance function • Detergent Amount Recommendation
Guidance function • Overload Alert in drying
Guidance function • Cycle end buzzer
Delay start (Time Delay) yes (Wash: 2-24 hr, Dry: 6-24 hr)
Water circulation pump yes
Drain Pump yes
Intensive yes
Hand wash Hand wash
Bedding yes
Soak yes (40 c)
Tub clean yes
Wash and Dry yes