Toshiba Semi Auto Washer

Product SKU: VH-JMM
Brand: Toshiba




Toshiba Semi Automatic Washer is manufactured with a high quality and durable plastic material that does not rust, irrespective of the number of times you use it!
  • Ultra Spin
  • Golden Soak Period
  • Rust Free Body
Golden Soak Period

Soaking time can be selected according to the pollution level of fabrics, which allows to apply with other programs to enhance the washing effects.


A high spin speed up to 1280 rpm can effectively help to take water away from fabrics.

Double Water Inlets for Wash & Spin

Using the inlet for water into spin tub, it is easy to activate the shower rinse to save water.

Program Options

Select a preset program for various types of clothes (Wash / Drain)

Rust-Free Body

The body is made of plastic. It is durable with no rust and it is hard to be dented.

Cassette Lint Filter

Plastic cassette lint filter is more durable than conventional cloth lint filer. In addition, lint can be easily removed from filter manually.