Butterfly 4.5L Conventional Pressure Cooker (Gas)

Product SKU: BPC-20A
Brand: Butterfly

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3 in stock


Product Description

  • Aluminum housing
  • Safety Valve
  • Safety Window
  • Self Locked Valve
  1. The main bodies of the products are made by pulling and stretching technology. The multi-safety pressure cooker, with thin sidewall and thick base, ensures fast, even heating and no bottom burning. It is Strong durable and elegant designed.
  2. The silicon sealing ring seals well, makes it easy to open and close lid.
  3. Multi-Safety devices.
    • Safety device in the lid and cooker handles.When the lid handle does not coincide fully with cooker handle, the safety switch prevents the interlock going up which cause steam to leak and no pressure to be built up inside. When the pressure is over 5 KPa in the cooler, the safety device switch prevents the interlock going down so that handles cannot be rotated and the lid cannot be opened. This safety device, working with the interlock, ensures safe opening and closing which avoids the possibility of wrong handling.
    • The block-proof cover. The block-proof cover under the vent pipe prevents the vent pipe from being blocked and improves the cooker’s safety.
    • Spring safety valve. Safety valve will release pressure automatically in case that the vent pipe is blocked and high pressure is built up inside.
    • A safety window at the edge of the cover. When the above safety device are all blocked and the inside pressure surpass safety level, the sealing ring will pop out of the safety window, thus, pressure will be released. With such device, Pressure cookers reduce possible dangers.